Saturday, May 5, 2012

Corla, The Twilight Herald

     Did some pet farming last night and this morning.  Picked up the Disgusting Oozeling, Darting Hatchling, and the Deviate Hatchling, all with relative ease.  Decided to run a few random heroics on Hyperious.  I specified Cataclym Heroics because while the gear may be better in the HoT dungeons, I've had about all I can take of those three on repeat.
     First one I got was Blackrock Caverns.  Rom'Ogg went down quickly, and people were generally very friendly in the party.  Nobody was being mean, everyone was joking about random nonsense...
     Then, Corla appeared before us.
     How hard is it go stack the beams to 80 and then step out for the debuff to fall off, then repeat?
     Really, how hard is that?
     TEN-ATTEMPTS-IMPOSSIBLE, that's how hard.  I really try not to drop from groups if everyone's being nice.  I feel it's my duty to keep going and keep trying, especially if everyone's cool.  In fact, I find I enjoy the dungeons more if there's a little chaos with a friendly group because it gives us all something to laugh at.
     But ten tries on Corla? Really?
     I dropped group.  As did the fourth rogue in a row we'd gotten. 
     I think I'll just cloth grind on my mage for a bit...

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