Monday, April 9, 2012

On Noblegarden OR Bringing Out The Worst

     Generally, I love the holidays in WoW.  Midsummer Fire Festival, Winterveil, Love Is In The Air, and so forth... I love them.
     But I cannot stand Noblegarden.  I may stand alone in the WoW Blogging community in this respect, but I just can't stand it.  For the duration of Noblegarden, you've got every low-level quest hub (Razor Hill, Goldshire, etc) filled to the brim with players either camping egg spawns or running around psychotically trying to catch the next one before everyone else.

     Now, if you're like me, you feel a certain rush when you get the egg first, especially when you see other players attempting to loot it as well.  And, if you're like me, you also feel a slight pang of annoyance (read: Unholy RAGE) when someone beats you to that happy little egg.
     You've got people standing with mounts on egg spawns to make sure nobody can ever get them.
     You've got people blocking entire areas trying to either get their eggs first or just generally grief the other people who are trying.
     It's chaos, and it doesn't seem nearly as fun (or at all, for that matter) as the rest of the holidays do. 
     During Winter Veil, for example, you've got a few quests to do to free Metzen and kill the Greench, as well as getting a few fun little toys and trinkets. 
     With Midsummer Fire Festival, you're out in the wide world of Azeroth, engaging the enemy in world PvP, getting zone-wide buffs for fellow players, and generally having a fun time of things.
     With Noblegarden, it feels very different.  Every egg I loot is another egg someone else is going to have to wait for.  I looted over 500 eggs in order to get enough chocolate for the damned mount.  With the spawn timers for eggs, plus the number of spawn points, and other variables in there, you wind up with a limited amount of spawns available for the players on each realm, which results in a limited number of people who will be able to buy the mount, the pet, and the other stuff as well.  And limiting the holiday stuff bothers me.
     Now that I've complained, I'll explain how to fix it.
     Wow, really? That's it? Drops?
     Yep.  Have brightly colored eggs drop from level-appropriate mobs.  Why level appropriate?  Because that will encourage people to do something other than take their 85s into Scarlet Monastery and pull the whole instance at once.  By making the drops happen when you kill a level-appropriate mob, you ensure that lowbies don't have to worry about max-level players stealing all their quest mobs or Noblegarden loot mobs.
     Throw in something like the Darkmoon Faire, where you have to have the book in your bags in order to get the eggs.
     But this current model of Noblegarden doesn't quite work.  It doesn't encourage any sense of community like other holidays.  It doesn't make you engage with the world or with other players.  Nope, all it does is make you run in circles around lowbie-town and hope to beat the spawn-campers to the eggs.
     And that's no fun.
     Especially not now that I'm finished.

     Also, if you're doing the Noblegarden Blog Egg Hunt, this post ain't it.

     Edit:  Darraxus and Obscure Fox made some good points in the comments.  Perhaps a killing spree isn't the best choice.  Archaeology-style spawn points seems to be a better option, in that they're player-specific and won't cause any real griefing issues.


  1. Like I posted, my wife gave up in less than 30 minutes which meant I was relegated to egg duty. I have looted well over 500 eggs overall, and only a few on my characters. I am not interested. I have the title and the pet. The mount can eff off.

    I think that just as good would be that eggs are spread out all over zones, and are player specific. If you see it, then nobody else does. It would be a true Easter Egg hunt. Not a sprint and camp fest.

    1. Yeah, basically anything other than what they have now would be an improvement. The reason I was thinking of having them be a drop was just because you could have dungeon mobs taking care of it for the people who didn't want to be out in the real world.

      Alternatively, you could have questgivers telling people to go to various zones (regardless of level, but nothing higher than what the player can handle) and collect eggs from that zone. Once you've turned in enough of the quests, you can get the mount or the pet or whatever the hell you want.

      But yeah. Got the mount on my main, and I am DONE.

  2. I love the idea of then being all over and unique to the player the way the archeology nodes are. the spawn is based on if someone picks up an egg another will spawn so as long as people are moving around getting them they spawn fast. I really dislike the folks sitting in one spot though. killing some how seems wrong for the feel of the holiday, the life and spring thing. I have fun with it but I'm generally a patient sort who will just gather eggs when its not too croweded and move on if someone is near an egg. It has stressed me out in the past,( and I did have sort of a rage flip out the first day in one instance, but eh.) but it does have the quality that anyone can do it given time so i still like it, but you have some good points.

  3. I can see them adding an archaeology type feel to the holiday, something other than egg spawns that spawn in the exact 20 or whatever spots they do now. Maybe even did up a little bag of eggs like with the fragments.

    I did the egg hunt the first year for the achievements and then stopped after that until this year when they added new stuff to the rewards. Would certainly make farming 500-600 eggs less of a chore.