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Doh and Amitiella: Modes of Travel

    I enjoyed Big Bear Butt's writing challenge so much, I decided I wanted to keep going with what I came up with.  So here it is.  It's all rough, unedited, and so forth, but at least I got the general ideas out of my head.  I'm hoping for some feedback.

     The friendship between Doh and Amitiella began, as friendships often do, over the freshly decapitated corpse of a centaur.  They travelled together for many weeks, seeking out adventure in whatever form they could find.  It seemed in every corner of Azeroth there waited someone who needed help from just such a pair of travellers.  In the Swamp of Sorrows, they gathered prayerblossm to help an orc healer.  In Feralas, they dispatched a harpy queen of great evil.
     Their adventures took them the length and breadth of both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  They spent a great deal of time travelling.
     "Ami," said Doh as he jogged beside the blood elf.  "Do you think we should get some horses to ride?  My hooves are killing me with all this running, and your shoes are nearly worn through."
     Amitiella glanced down to her feet, noticing the rather shabby appearance they'd taken on in the past several weeks.  "I suppose we should consider it, Doran... But I don't think there's a horse in Azeroth that could carry you.  You're getting bigger every day.  Don't tauren ever stop growing?"
     Doh chuckled at the question.  "Sure we do.  After we're big enough, we stop."
     "Good, because if you get much bigger, you'll need a dragon if you want a ride."
     "That would be good.  I wouldn't mind a dragon." Amitiella raised an eyebrow at Doh, then laughed aloud.
     "No, I don't suppose you would.  Aren't you worried a dragon might try to eat you?"
     "Well I'd have to train it not to eat me.  And you.  I definitely can't let it try to eat you."
     "Thanks, Doran.  Let's rest for a bit at the next outpost and then we'll see about getting a wind rider to Orgrimmar."
     "What's in Orgrimmar?"
     Amitiella smiled and shook her head at her companion. "Mounts, Doran.  Something to carry you around so your poor little hooves don't hurt anymore."
    Doh looked at his hooves, then at Amitiella's feet.  "My hooves aren't little, yours are!"  Amitiella laughed. "You're right.  Still, I'm sure we can find a good tauren-sized mount in Orgrimmar for you."
    Half an hour later, they came upon the goblin town of Gadgetzan.  Making their way through the crowds of merchants, traders, beggars, and adventurers, they spotted the wind rider master on the outskirts of town.  Amitiella pulled a few coins from her bag and handed them to the orc.  "Two flights to Orgrimmar."  The flight master untethered a pair of wind riders and brought them over.  Doh and Amitiella climbed on and held fast. 
     The wind riders spread their leathery wings, flapped a few times, and lifted from the ground.  The desert of Tanaris slipped beneath them, followed by the salt flats of Thousand Needles and the savannahs of the Barrens.  A short time later, they landed in Orgrimmar.  Doh climbed off his wind rider and promptly fell to the ground.
     Laughter rang out from nearby, cold and sickly sounding.  Amitiella quickly located the source, a Forsaken with bits of rotting flesh visible beneath tattered clothing.  "Silence, freak, or you'll feel true pain!" she shouted.  As Amitiella's hands filled with Light, the undead woman quickly ceased, throwing the pair a dirty look before walking away.  The Light faded from Amitiella's palms as she turned to Doh, who had already picked himself up off the ground.
     "Ignore them, Doran.  The Forsaken are abominations.  They shouldn't exist, and their opinions don't matter."
     "I thought they were our allies.  Shouldn't we be nice to them?"
     "They're only our allies so we don't have to count them among our enemies for the moment.  But I've heard some pretty disturbing rumors about what goes on in The Undercity."
     "Why did you get so angry at that one, though? She wasn't doing anything to us."
     Amitiella didn't answer.  Instead, she just patted Doh's arm and led the way to the stables.  When they arrived, Amitiella took in the scene.  Wolves.  Nothing but wolves. She approached the wrinkled old orc standing nearby. "Excuse me, do you have anything for someone of his size?" she said, pointing to Doh.
    "Nope.  Try Thunder Bluff.  That's where his kind usually has to go." came the gruff reply.
    "I see.  Well, I supposed I should pick one out for myself, at the least."
    "No disrespect, elf, but you should be considering a hawkstrider.  These worgs don't tend to like elves too much, and your folk do have fine ridin' birds."
    Doh and Amitiella left the stables and started on the way towards the city gates.  They heard a voice behind them, heavily accented.  It could only be a troll.
     "Pardon me, miss, but I hear ya be goin' to da Thundah Bluffs.  I be happy ta send ya right dere in de blink of ya pretty little eyes, for only a small fee, o' course."
     Amitiella turned to Doh.  "Feel like taking a portal?  It'll cut down travel time."  Doh looked uncertain.
     "Those things always make me feel weird."
     "Don't worry, they're completely safe.  I've used them many times in Silvermoon."
     "Okay, Ami.  If you say so."  Amitiella turned to the troll.  "How much?"
     "I only be askin' for five gold coins, miss.  De tavern be kind to a troll with gold, indeed it do be kind."  Amitiella pulled five gold coins from her bag and handed them over.  "You two'd best be hangin' on ta each uddah, it be makin' tings much easier on ya when ya be hittin' de uddah side."
     Doh wrapped an arm around Amitiella's waist, lifting her up and squeezing her tightly. The troll chanted an incantation, and moments later, the pair found themselves standing in the middle of Thunder Bluff.  Setting Amitiella down, Doh belched loudly.
     "Doran! Manners!" Amitiella chided.
     "I can't help it.  I told you those mage portals make me feel weird." He belched again.  A passing guard glanced at Doh and spoke. "Let me guess.  Troll mage in Orgrimmar by the stables?  You're not the first one.  Free advice.  Next time, pick anyone in Azeroth besides that guy."  The guard continued on his patrol without further comment.
     Doh belched again.  Amitiella sighed and said, "Well, this is your town, Doran.  Which way to the stables?"
     "I think they're down by the bottom of the lift.  I remember hearing that most animals don't like being up here."
     "Lead on, then."  They walked the path past a few small tents where merchants had set up and made it to the lift.  Stepping on, Doh belched once more.  This one lasted the length of the trip to the bottom.  Slightly around the curve of the base, they found a heavy wooden hitching post with several enormous kodo beasts tied to it.  Each of them looked as if they could carry Doh with ease.  "Can I help you find something?" said the old tauren woman standing nearby.
     "He needs a good sturdy mount." said Amitiella as Doh looked at the different kodos. As he approached a large grey one, he belched again, right in the kodo's face.  The kodo blinked, then belched back, louder and longer.
     "Well, it seems he's found the perfect one.  He even speaks the language!" chuckled the tauren.  "I think that one'll do just fine for you, Doh."  Doh looked up.
     "How do you know me?" he asked.  Amitiella looked slightly suspicious.
     "I recognize you from the stories I heard from one of your masters at warrior training.  Said you threw a fellow trainee clear across the room over an apple or some such nonsense.  You match the description pretty good.  Now why don't you try taking that kodo beast for a ride.  See if you two understand each other."  Doh climbed on the kodo's back and took the reins.  Turning slowly, the lumbering giant started moving out towards the meadows of Mulgore.  Picking up speed, the tauren and the kodo covered a hundred yards in seconds before turning back around.
     "That was great!" Doh exclaimed to Amitiella.  He leaned forward and rubbed the top of the kodo's head.  The kodo's tongue lolled out of his mouth, clearly enjoying the attention.
     Amitiella turned to the woman. "I guess we'll take that one, then."  Fishing out a few coins, she paused.  "Do you have anything more fitting to my size?"
     "If you mean a hawkstrider like you elves are so fond of, I just happen to have one here that was wandering around lost a few months back.  Nobody around here wants a ride that small, so she's just been milling about, pecking the dirt and eating bugs off the kodos.  You can take her if you want.  She's right over there by that tree."  Amitiella turned and saw a beautiful purple-plumed bird standing in the shade.  She walked over to it, hand outstretched.  The bird eyed Amitiella with fiercely bright golden orbs, turning its head to get a better view.  Then, as if deciding that Amitiella could be trusted, it turned its body and knelt down on knobbly knees to allow Amitiella to climb on.
     When Amitiella was aboard, the bird stood and marched over to where Doh and his new kodo stood watching.
     "That's a pretty bird, Ami."
     "Thanks!  It seems to like me.  Your kodo looks pretty strong."
     "Yeah, he's definitely a tough one.  I can tell."
     "Well, let's get going.  I'd like to check out Silithus.  I hear there's still some Qiraji activity there left over from that horrible war a few years back.  We could probably find some good to do in the area."
     "Okay, Ami.  Same plans when we get there?"
     "You protect me, I'll protect you.  Same plan."
    The pair turned their new mounts southward towards their next destination, and set off at a run.

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